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OSLO, Nov 11, 2014

Doctors, nurses and therapists around the world have been studying pelvic floor health for decades and through this established proven methods for exercising the pelvic floor to maintain optimal intimate health. National health organisations in most countries recommend that women exercise their pelvic floor muscles every day - and yet still, so many women don't do it.

LOOP is a complete fitness system that provides real-time results you can see and feel. LOOP's built-in training programs are based on the principle of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles (also known as kegels) to build strength. LOOP connects to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device via an app that offers various exercise routines and real-time visual feedback you can see with every squeeze. LOOP's high-accuracy pressure and motion sensors detect even the slightest muscle movements and translate them onto your screen into easy-to-read graphics with weekly progress reports that prove it's working!

Unlike most kegel exercisers, LOOP does not vibrate or double as a sex toy. Its slender insertable portion fits easily and securely without the need of external "arm" to keep it in place, making it the most comfortable kegel exerciser in the market.

The team behind LOOP are Adam Scheuring, Anders Guldahl, Line Iren Andersen and Karianne Ellekrans. They have worked in the intimate health research and manufacturing fields for years designed award winning products, as well as developed fitness and wireless electronics. Inspired by personal experience, they joined forces early in 2013 to create this groundbreaking device.

"With LOOP we wanted to provide women with a simple, dignified and motivating way to exercise their pelvic floor muscles regularly regardless of your level of strength and that works well with established exercise methods. That means leaving no details to chance, ensuring both the technology we use and the shape of the product merge perfectly for an optimal user experience." Scheuring explains.

The company has just launched a campaign on Indiegogo seeking to fund the first production of LOOP.

"After 14 months of research and development, with great feedback on the prototypes, we are ready to move to the next stage. With a successful campaign, we will have the product out next summer!" Scheuring says.

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