The Best Way to Shape Up Your Pelvic Floor

LOOP is an interactive exercise device designed to keep your pelvic floor healthy and fit.

The Best of LOOP


Designed to comfortably fit and work with a woman’s anatomy. Made of medical grade silicone.


High accuracy pressure sensor, reacts to the smallest muscle movements.


Individual training program, real-time visual feedback and weekly progress report in the app.

Ready when you are

Turns on and connects automatically when you pick it up. No buttons, no wires.


Accurately measures and visualizes your muscle contractions real-time.

Keeps You in the LOOP

Guides you through the kegel exercise, tracks your progress and boosts your motivation.

Be #stronginside

Regular pelvic floor muscle exercise or kegel exercise strengthens and improves the tone of your muscles and increases the blood flow in your pelvis. Every woman benefits from it, yet many don't do it. At any stage in life LOOP motivates you to be #stronginside.

Better Sex Life

Enhance your sex life. Increase arousal, improve your ability to reach orgasm. Increase the intensity and strength of your orgasms.

Better Bladder Control

Maintain or improve bladder control. Prevent or diminish leakage when laughing, sneezing, running or lifting your child.

Easier Childbirth

Prepare your body for childbirth and recover from it.

The Team

We have several years of experience in designing ergonomic sensual wellness products for women and in developing smart fitness electronics. We are based in Oslo, Norway.

Karianne Rønning

Karianne Rønning Ellekrans

Co-founder, Business

Line Iren Andersen

Line Iren Andersen

Co-founder, Design

Adam Scheuring

Adam Scheuring

Co-founder, Product

Anders Guldahl

Anders Guldahl

Co-founder, Hardware

Our Mission

To provide women of all ages with an easy, fun and accurate way to exercise their pelvic floor and motivate them to keep doing it regularly.

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